Hello, my name is Keenan Staffieri, Artist and Owner of Project Infinity. Three words often used to describe me are creative, artistic and innovative. I absolutely love art. I love how it affects people and helps them see everything as I see it from a unique perspective. I have synesthesia which impacts how I view and interact with the world. In case you aren’t familiar with the term, it is a condition where people experience a mixing of the senses, such as tasting words, seeing colors, feeling sound and hearing art. Many famous people have it. Fun fact: Pharrell Williams has it. Another fun fact: I am an emerging artist and a lover of making resin art. I make creative and unique pieces of art using resin as my artistic medium. I also use various items such as pebbles, charms, figures I created with my 3D printer, etc. Please feel free to scroll through my store and see the art I have for sale in stock. Thanks for stopping by. 

Keenan Staffieri, Artist & Owner of Project Infinity

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